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Six Days Live: Bonus About De Vylder/Ghys, No Record of Dens |  Lotto sang six days

Six Days Live: Bonus About De Vylder/Ghys, No Record of Dens | Lotto sang six days

This week, Kuipke in Ghent once again becomes the venue for the Lotto Six Days of Flanders-Ghent race. The Ghent Six Days is in its 82nd edition this year. We follow the most important news of the last day in ‘t Kuipke on this page.

Interim result
points Tours
1. Lindsay de Vylder/Ruby Guess 325
2. Fabio van den Bosch / Jules Hesters 254 +1
3. Juri Haavik/Jan Willem van Schip (Ned) 225 +1
4. Oscar Nelson Julien/Valentin Tablelon (France) 202 +2
5. Matthias Malmberg/Aaron Gate (Den/New Zealand) 174 +2

  1. 16:02 The French also scored their extra round. So, after the track lap, we go to the team race with two duos for one lap and two duos for two laps for the leaders. .
  2. 16 hours. Team Elimination: Titanic Duel. We got a quick tag team elimination between Lindsay De Velder and Jules Hester. The home runner does so and wins his home game. ‘t Kuipke enjoys it to the fullest. Thus, Heesters and Fabio van den Bosch moved away from the Dutch world champions in the (provisional) battle for second place.
  3. 15:50 The French can still get an extra round thanks to the points and can therefore also participate in the battle for the podium. . Stan Torn.
  4. 3:46 PM Devluchte presents her class for the second time this afternoon.

    Devluchte presents her class for the second time this afternoon

  5. 3:45 PM We’re slowly approaching the grand finale. Before the final duathlon we have the team elimination and track course (time trial over 166 metres). .
  6. 15 hours 32. Fabio van den Bosch also knows how to win an exciting derby series.

    Fabio van den Bosch also knows how to win an exciting series

  7. 3:30pm Derney (2): Van den Bosch as de Vylder. Juri Haavik has a very long way to go, but Fabio van den Bosch is happy to accept the challenge. He almost fell while celebrating. However, be careful. .
  8. 3pm 16. Elimination: Germany leads. German youth competes with German seniority: Theo Reinhardt arranges the last race for his young compatriot Tim Thurn Teutenberg. Small prize for Reinhardt, who had a disappointing performance here with Roger Kluge as European Team Race champion. .
  9. 15 hours 14. The heavyweights were quickly “surprised” with the exception of Rob Guess. There were only five of them left, and then Guess was there to make the effort. .
  10. 3 pm 09. We pick up the thread with the guys with the individual elimination. After 6 laps, the last of the group must leave the track. We see Robbe Ghys, Jan-Willem van Schip and Jules Hesters on track. Soon we will drop the team too. .
  11. 15 hours 08. Track record! Nicky Deluge is the fastest woman in ‘t Kuipke.

    Record! Nicky Deluge is the fastest woman in ‘t Kuipke

  12. 15 hours 03.9″666. The fastest woman in ‘t Kuipke? Nikki Deflushti! She set a record in one of the minor events this afternoon. .
  13. 14 hours 55. Lindsay de Vylder wins the Derney series after a strong final race.

    Lindsay De Vylder wins the Derny Series after a strong final race

  14. 14 hours 53. Derney (1): De Vylder at the last minute. An extra bit of exposure is allowed: Lindsay De Vylder trails well behind, but still passes his rivals in the top lane to win behind Dernies. .
  15. 14 hours 41. I think it will mainly be between De Vylder/Guess and the world champions. . Nine-time winner Etienne de Wilde.
  16. 14 hours 34. Tuur Dens’s highest time in the 500 meters but no record.

    Tuur Dens’s best time is in the 500 metres, but there is no record

  17. 14 hours 33. Time Trial (500m): No record improvement on Tuur Dens. Will it be a nice goodbye? Tor Diens and Noah Vandenbranden broke the 500m record 4 times in 5 evenings. Yesterday, the plane flew at an altitude of 26’052′, and today it landed on the beach at an altitude of 26’302′. This is still a great chrono, but it’s not a record. .
  18. 2:30pm: Lindsay De Vylder and Robbe Ghys are already certain of the top five in this time trial. That means the cash register will be ringing anyway: their bonus round will be happening soon. .
  19. 14 hours 26. On slopes, mistakes at these speeds are very dangerous. Jonas Ricart fires from the click pedal, but is able to correct in time. His time trial over 500 meters is a complete disaster. Eye-catching: Immediately afterwards, Milan van den Hout also suffered financial problems. His saddle is not cooperating. .
  20. 14 hours 14. We waste no time and prepare for the time trial over 500 metres, the trademark of Tuur Dens and Noah Vandenbranden. The team rides 3 laps on a 166 meter track. Dennis and his buddy will be hanging up soon. The record they set yesterday is 26″052. .
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