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Look at Lord Solar Energy, the album cover, walking around Colbert

Lord One day he sat down for an interview Late Show met Stephen Colbert Tonight. Talking about his new album Solar power, Which will be released on August 20, and promised to return to the show for a live show soon. Below are some excerpts from his interview.

Colbert said he was not allowed to see the album’s artwork and asked him how the artwork looked. “I took it as my friend,” he said. “I jumped on a friend on the beach. It’s a hardcore, but it was so much fun for me. It felt so naive and fun and a little wild. Colbert replied, “If I had a donkey like that, I would have jumped on someone too.”

Colbert also mentioned his tour and asked if he expected to appear in public again. “I’m so excited,” he said. “It doesn’t feel real, but I’m so excited. This album is so awesome and big, and it’s fun to try with a band, so I’ll be happy with the time, so we can go on tour.”

They were also talking about Colbert at the time Cheat on her necklace In the backyard of Prime Minister Jacinta Ordner. When Colbert apologized, she said, “We’ll go there.” They also talked about New Zealand’s handling of the COVID-19 epidemic. “We are lucky to have a very peaceful and stable government,” he told a crowd in New York City.

Earlier this month, the Lord announced:Solar powerHis first new music since its release Melodrama In 2017. The song came with a joint music video directed by Lord and Joel Qivali. In addition to sharing the album’s release date and song list, Lord announced one Tour 2022 With data from North America, Oceania and Europe.

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Studying “7 live shows from the Great Lord“In the domain.