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Chloe Introduces Season 2 Actors From ‘To Hot To Hand’

It’s too hot to handle Almost returned. The first four episodes will appear on Netflix on Wednesday, June 23rd. So now it’s time to meet new actors. They have not been delivered by anyone other than Chloe Range since the first season.

The first four episodes of Stan’s second season on Wednesday It’s too hot to handle On Netflix. We’ve already seen the new entrants in a short trailer for the season, but now we get to know them a little better at a special.

It’s too hot to handle Season 2

Chloe Weach, whom we met in the first season It’s too hot to handle Who then appeared Hopefully, Has acquired its own online program from Netflix. In Extra hot Looks like the second season is ahead It’s too hot to handle. The first episode of that online series is already on YouTube, and we know the new cast.

Chloe assists in the first episode by Nicole and David, which we saw in the first season of the Netflix series. Later in the episode, the other participants from the first season also appear via video call. They are being tested by Lana.

Chloe immediately makes a remarkable observation. This season’s participants saw an earlier season in which the couple who made the most money from the group pot could eventually get it back. So new participants will not back down because they think they can get that money back.

Female Actors Season 2

The first participant was a Canadian Carly Who describes himself as a human eater. She immediately informs you that she does not want to follow the rules and let it be important It’s too hot to handle. She also points out that she is not looking for love and does not want a relationship. The second new entry is the New York model Melinda. She says she is a “hunter on the hunt”. David is already a favorite prey in the studio.

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British participant since this year Emily Whose interest in life is “boys”. She also gives me a beautiful one-liner: “I’m like a pair of open legs, you get what you see”. We “The Blonde by real life law”That Larissa. She hopes to find a man from distant New Zealand Frantic Is with her. The last female participant was an American Kayla. He grew up in a strict religious family, where he was forbidden to cock by his mother. Now she wants to get as many men as possible after her.

Carly, Melinda, Emily, Larissa, Kayla – Bron: YouTube Netflix

Male Actors Season 2

First man in the company Nathan From Texas. She works as a stripper and describes herself as “undeniably sexy”. The next man is American Chase He says of himself that he is his libido Through the roof He is the alpha male. Very different young man Brit Game. He already has a great way to scare women in the bedroom. In this way he will bring out his best kolam hue.

Peter There is a star in Dicto from New York, and he says he gets a ridiculous message in his inbox. No doubt the most notable participant Marvin. He is not from an English-speaking country, but from Paris, France. We are already curious as to whether his accent will be liked during It’s too hot to handle.

2 Menon is too hot to handle
Nathan, Chase, Game, Peter, Marvin – Bron: YouTube Netflix

Meet the cast of the second season It’s too hot to handle: