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look.  Chinese fans storm Ronaldo's hotel as his injury plans are thrown into disarray  soccer

look. Chinese fans storm Ronaldo's hotel as his injury plans are thrown into disarray soccer

Chinese fans stormed the Al-Nasr players hotel to express their dissatisfaction with not seeing Cristiano Ronaldo (38 years old) live at the present time. The international star was injured, so Al-Nassr canceled its training matches against Shanghai Shenhua and Zhejiang. A form of protest, according to Chinese media, some were angry, but the song “CR7” was also sung loudly. With their smartphones in hand, they hoped to catch a glimpse of their hero.

look. Chinese fans protest in front of Al Nasr Hotel

This news has come as a huge shock to Chinese football fans. Yesterday, Al-Nasr announced the postponement of the two training matches against Shanghai Shenhua (01/24) and Zhejiang (01/28). Superstar Ronaldo was reportedly injured during training. Muscle injury, the severity of which is not yet known. Victory in a (lucrative) tour of China. One important man: Ronaldo. If it is in poor condition, there will be little left for Chinese viewers. Al-Nasr is scheduled to complete its training camp in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, but without matches.

Although Al-Nasr was talking about postponement, not cancellation, many Chinese fans could not stay with their disappointment. They stormed the Al-Nasr players hotel last night. To express their dissatisfaction and disappointment. But I also hope to catch a glimpse of Ronaldo. Smartphones were taken out. The security forces are prepared to prevent the situation from getting worse. Keep it under control.

Chinese fans at the Al-Nasr players hotel. © Twitter


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Ronaldo talks about injury In itself He didn't say much, and has since apologized to Chinese fans. “In life you can't control everything. I've been playing football for 22 years and I haven't had many injuries during that time. Unfortunately, now I have a problem, which is also part of football. This makes me very sad because I came here to enjoy the tour. “I have been coming to China since 2003. This is my second home. The match has not been cancelled. We urge you to come back. Fortunately, the postponement is not an amendment.”

It is not clear if the injury is serious or how long CR7 will be sidelined. However, time is running out for fans who want to see him play against the great again. On February 1, a prestigious exhibition match will be held in Riyadh between Al-Nassr and Inter Miami led by Lionel Messi. This may be the last time both players will be on the same field.

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