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look.  No going back this time: Luca Brecel exits Scottish Open |  More sports

look. No going back this time: Luca Brecel exits Scottish Open | More sports

Brecel (WS 4) took over the first frame with a break of 57, after which O’Donnell (WS 80) leveled with a break of 59. In the third frame, the 37-year-old Londoner earned a break of serve 75 times to lead 2-1. In the fourth frame, Pressel, the 2021 Scottish Open champion, had an open opportunity but failed. O’Donnell, who also beat Bressel in the previous two games, scored 70 points.

The World Champion once again found himself with his back against the wall, just like in his previous match. In a long, drawn-out fifth frame, Pressel showed he was the best. In the next frame, Pressel committed another error and it was O’Donnell who sealed our compatriot’s fate with an 82nd break of serve.

Julien Leclerc (WS 28) also had to withdraw. The Liège native managed to keep pace for the first four tires. In the next two frames, his opponent, China’s Si Jiahui (WS 28), managed breaks of 85 and 97 to secure a 4-2 win.

Pressel soon suffered a loss in his first round at the Scottish Open. His flight to Edinburgh was delayed. “It’s a miracle I got here in time. I was still on the plane when Mark Williams took a 3-0 lead in the previous game,” Bressel said.

Fortunately for Pressel, Williams and Sam Craigie reached the decider and Craigie won 3-4. “Thanks to Sam I’m still here. It took about half an hour to get here from the airport, luckily I had a good taxi driver. I told him I was in a hurry, he didn’t know me, but he ran the red light so I could arrive on time.” .

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