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Philip Goss comes to a stark conclusion: “I can't do it” – offside

Philip Goss comes to a stark conclusion: “I can’t do it” – offside

Yesterday we brought you all the news of the special episode (the 500th time) of next Monday’s Extra Time. There will be at least one “surprise” in it. After that anniversary edition, Philip Goss gave an extended interview with some warm remarks.

Thrust into the role: ‘But I can’t do it’

Somewhat against his grain, Gus had to take over from Aster Nzyyimana at the start of this season. The two are good friends, and had also done a podcast with 90 Minutes, but Aster chose to switch to VTM and suddenly the football talk show was without a host and the podcast also lost someone from its ‘friend group’.

In the end, Gus decided to accept the challenge, even though he didn’t want to call himself a presenter. “A presenter in a suit, looks into the camera, and says ‘Good evening, dear viewers’ and ‘Goodbye, dear viewers’. I don’t do any of that. Because I can’t: there’s no Luc Abermont in me – and that’s what I say with great admiration for the perfect presenter who “It was,” it seems quite sincere Homo.

The training run was better than the “race”

This season, extra time decided to visit the football canteens and other rituals were also thrown into the sea. For example, Gus admits that he was better during what is called “rehearsal.” Then the spontaneity disappeared during the actual broadcast: “Imitating yourself, that’s never good.”

“Exactly, completely, never half”

The same interview also briefly discusses the private life of Gus, who wants to be a warm father to his children but is inevitably not around often due to professional activities. “For me, there is also inevitably the question of whether I am present enough. I spend a lot of time at work, and it often happens on the weekends. But I believe that I am there when I need to be there,” said one of the VRT senior figures. /Sporza: “Above all: completely, completely, and never half.”

Finally, Joos also brings his love to his former club Lyra, with whom he played for many years at amateur level. They often have a reunion, where Philip himself is not present. “Lira was my life. You can’t imagine how important it all was to me – that club, that dressing room, that team at that time. I loved those guys so much, and I want the image to remain pure. Such an encounter can only be sprinkled over.” For me.”

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