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Look out: Sandra City Park

In a two-story house, the entire floor is not on one floor, but the floor levels are uneven. The house consists of several floors connected by stairs. This creates a large open space.

If you choose a two-story house, then the height differences should be taken into account when furnishing. That may be tricky, but Sandra (Embed a TweetTake that as a big challenge. Even her garden is divided into two levels and extends from top to bottom, with visible floors.

In her 5 by 12 meter garden, she created many beautiful corners, such as a shade nook, lots of greenery and a dining area.

Dining area

Sandra took the tiles as a starting point when designing the garden. These tiles are found throughout the garden and begin with the dining area opposite the house. “Everyone thinks there is a wooden border around the tiles, but it’s printed with pictures,” says Sandra.

Sandra chose not to completely lay the tiles on the balcony, or else it would be too much. By placing a deck on one side of the dining area, I attempted to create comfort. “In addition, we have installed a partition to make the upper balcony a more intimate corner.”

Sandra is a big fan of green – and it’s mirrored in the park. The garden furniture and the canopy are green. The fence has also been deliberately painted green. “I think that’s important, because there really is a wooden surface. If the fence is a wood-colored too, then it becomes too wooden.”

Courtenstein’s trap

Sandra knew right away for sure: there had to be a steel Corten staircase and would be there. She designed this specifically for her garden and didn’t immediately arrive as she looks now.

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“It came shiny and brand new, while of course I wanted it rusty. That’s why I sprayed the stairs with a garden hose for several days, until it got the color I wanted.”

Sandra also made the border edges out of Corten steel, to restore the rust color throughout the garden. “Even the color of the plants was chosen based on the color of the stairs. Just look at that luck.”

Fortune is a plant that can be found throughout the garden, both in borders and in loose plants. This was a conscious choice by Sandra to show the atmosphere of this plant and sprinkle it throughout the garden.

The seat is behind the fence

By placing a large evergreen fencing, Sandra created a comfy bench. “This has become our place to have a drink. A cozy place with nice and warm materials. The whole garden has the same interior atmosphere as our home, so when you walk inside out or vice versa, you are always seeing the same kind of interior.”

Sandra doesn’t like it when two of the fences come in contact, so she puts six wooden poles, creating a break between the green fence and the red beech fence against it.

Large limit box

In the very center of the park you will find a large 2 by 2 meter square. Its blueprint makes this a truly statement item, with so many plants in and around it.


Then, in the back of the garden, you will find the very comfortable veranda that Sandra made. “I also call this place my second living room. Here too, I consciously picked a green carpet and a lovely outburst of flowers on the wall, with beautiful, succulent plants.”

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How could it be otherwise, the amperes under the balcony turned green. Exactly the same green color as the fence on the balcony. “This way everything works well together.”

Sandra says she designed, painted and created this garden without any horticulture experience. “We tried to get the most out of it. That was a huge challenge, but I think it worked really well!”

Also admire this wonderful two-level garden? On the Sandra’s Instagram You will find more inspiration for the home!