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look.  Queen Paola promotes the Italian language with a wonderful video: “The most beautiful language” |  Property

look. Queen Paola promotes the Italian language with a wonderful video: “The most beautiful language” | Property

PropertyThe Italian government was unable to attract anyone other than Queen Paola (86 years old) to the campaign to promote the Italian language. The video was recorded in the garden of Albert and Paula’s country resort in the Ardennes, where they prefer to live in isolation.

Paola shows her best (and Italian) side. On the occasion of Italian Language Week, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs shared the video clip in which the former monarch recalls her childhood in Italy. Remarkably, Queen Paola can once again be seen on video, withdrawing from public life with King Albert.

Queen Paola was born Paolo Roffi di Calabria. She comes from an ancient Italian noble family and grew up in Forte dei Marmi and Rome. In 1958, 21-year-old Paula met Prince Albert of Belgium and the rest is history.

The Italian Foreign Ministry has now posted a video online paying tribute to the former Belgian monarch, now 86, in her native Italian. She remembers her student days in Rome, as well as some Italian poems.

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This is her message literally:

“All languages ​​and their dialects are beautiful. They are beautiful because they are the oldest way to communicate and communicate with each other. I called a woman who told me that she is trying to learn the Italian language. It was difficult for her, but according to her, the Italian language is the most beautiful language. “The language of her homeland is more beautiful than hers,” she said. .

“I still remember, as if it were yesterday, how I happily ran to my grandmother to recite to her the poems I had learned at school. Remember that Italian is the language of musicals (operas) and light music. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who promotes the Italian language in this world.

The video was recorded at the royal country residence in the Belgian Ardennes region, where the former royal couple resides more than their home in Belvedere (Laeken).

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