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Ruinen is een van de dorpen die flink mag uitbreiden  (Rechten: RTV Drenthe/Fred van Os)

Look to the future: these villages in De Wolden can expand greatly

Until 2040, De Wolden is committed to increasing the number of homes and, in particular, hopes that residents will come up with building plans themselves. The municipality prefers to first look within the boundaries of the village where additional houses can be built, for example in vacant buildings. This is clear from the concept of the future vision

However, for the core villages of Zuidwolde, De Wijk, Ruinen, Ruinerwold and Koekange, more attention is being paid to large-scale expansion. “The expansion of the core villages is actively encouraged, even if the need does not come from the private village,” the plans can be read. The same applies to the twin village of Alteveer-Kerkenveld, which has not been designated as a primary village. “Alteveer-Kerkenveld has a special place in relation to the subject of living.”

Other villages like Ansen and Echten are more keen on building new homes. “The picturesque character of the villages must be preserved in the new developments.”

Future vision

In his draft future vision 2022-2040, the municipality’s CEO looks forward to what the municipality should look like in 2040. Since 2019, discussions have been held with many residents, organizations and interest groups. In 2040, De Wolden wants to be the “hustle green heart” of the Zwolle region, a partnership of 22 municipalities. The municipality should be attractive to young people from the area to live in, so that the aging of the population is prevented.

There should also be room for local entrepreneurs, for example in the industrial areas of Zuidwolde, Ruinen and Ruinerwold. These will become more sustainable in the coming years and if there is more demand for spaces, it will be examined if this is possible on the existing sites. It can be expanded if necessary. “If there are no more possibilities for further expansion, a new commercial complex near the core villages is just an option,” the council is clear.

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Click outside the area

In the Vision We are looking forward in facilities, landscaping, health, climate and the environment. All future plans will bring changes and tensions.

Housing, climate adaptation, energy transition, and agriculture require space in the countryside. “We are very proud of the beautiful environment in which we live, work and live in. This also shows how complicated it is,” says Alderman Jerry Hempin. “After all, there is a great need for construction and space must also be found for new ways to generate energy. And all of this has to fit into the landscape we want to preserve.”

So the municipality wants to work with the landowners, most of whom are farmers. A meeting was recently held where farmers, residents and experts can think side by side with politicians about the future of agriculture in De Wolden. “We view the new appointments as an opportunity for the agricultural sector to expand and thus increase its earning capacity.”

The city council will discuss the draft plan at the end of November.