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'Lord of the Rings' fans unhappy with Amazon Prime Video

‘Lord of the Rings’ fans unhappy with Amazon Prime Video

Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings fans have launched a petition urging Amazon not to include nudes in the series.

If it is up to the fans Lord of the rings Then there is no nudity in the TV series that Amazon Prime Video is developing around the franchise. Since 2018, the streaming service has been running a series based on the works of JRR Tolkien.

The series is set years before the events of Fellowship of the Ring turning off. The setting is set in the second age of Tolkien’s world, where the One Ring is made and Sauron’s armies are defeated. Recently there have been many developments.

Lord of the rings-petition
On We now find a petition from a group calling themselves “Catholic Memes”. And they demand Amazon not to use nudity in Lord of the rings-small.

The petition stemmed from a recent publication that was looking for actors and actresses who should be OK with acting in part or all. Jennifer Ward Leland has also been appointed as the intimate relationship coordinator.

As for the petition, which has so far been signed nearly 40,000 times, there should be no nudity in the Lord of the rings-a series. They point to the Christian symbolism behind Tolkien’s stories and call for another family-friendly series.

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