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Lotte Fanoismail responds to criticism of bikini photos: “I have …

Lotte Fanoismail responds to criticism of bikini photos: “I have …

A vacation in paradise Curacao should be carefree. But this has overtaken some Instagram users. Sexologist Lotte Vanwezemael had to contend with a lot of criticism over her bikini photos on the catwalk, and she didn’t let that pass.

Sexologist, known for her participation in The smartest person in the world and her experience in blind marriedHe was on vacation in Curacao – and of course that includes some pretty ocean and poolside photos. But among the positive feedback, there were also some negative ones. For example, someone asked if a sexologist was trying to hide an initial pregnancy belly. Still others talk about her visible “fat rolls” and “she’s getting fat”.

In her stories, the sexologist herself added the finishing touches. She confirmed that she had finally learned to love her body. “When I look in the mirror, I see my body. ‘Fat rolls’, the scars, my double chin, my bruises, pits in my legs, my bruises (which by the way I call ‘Rivers’). I’ve finally learned to love this body. Because that’s me. It’s my body. That makes me.”

“You don’t have to remind me what my body looks like,” she continued. “For all these ‘flaws’ I have according to society. And if I do it anyway: I dont care. But someone else might. Another person may be struggling to love their own body. So give that person time to do it. And use your energy for the important things. It is your private life. Lots of (self) love.”

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