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Luka Cruysberghs on Hooverphonic's departure: 'I was told an hour before the media announced' |  showbiz

Luka Cruysberghs on Hooverphonic’s departure: ‘I was told an hour before the media announced’ | showbiz

For three years, Luka Cruysberghs was the face and voice of the Hooverphonic. But when former singer Jake Arnaert dropped that she was interested in a comeback, band members Alex Callier and Raymond Geerts told Luca she would take her place. “The way I still find such a shame,” she says now at HUMO. “And not just because I was informed of my resignation via a Zoom session on vacation in Portugal. No, if they had just said to me, ‘Look, Luca, Jake would like to come back, I hope you understand we like it,’ I would have understood. Geike has been the face of the group. For over ten years (from 1997 to 2008, editor). But I found out about an hour before the media announcement. I think it’s a shame: I’ve worked with these guys for three years, and that’s okay.”

“After the popular Zoom call, I had an hour to put something on Instagram myself,” the singer continues. “I gained hundreds of followers that day, while I thought people would follow me – I’m no longer a singer for that, right? But those people were mad at my place. I was blown away by so much support. I thought, ‘I have my own little Luca army! Awesome!'” ‘”

Read the full interview with Luka in smoking.

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