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Sony may finish 'Venom 2' and push 'Morbius' away

Sony may finish ‘Venom 2’ and push ‘Morbius’ away

Reports are coming in across various websites that Sony Pictures will release a Marvel movie Poison: Let there be a massacre It will slow down again. Director’s movie Mowgli-Director Andy Serkis Until 2022.

According to Vulture, multiple sources confirm that the second Venom movie will move to January 21, 2022, the date of which the Sony/Marvel Morbius movie is significantly delayed. This movie will also be delayed further.

Lots of Marvel delay at Sony
As it looks like Marvel Studios will be releasing their movies this year, Sony is acting a little nervous. Poison: Let there be a massacre Previously scheduled for October 2, 2020, June 25, 2021 and September 17 were also on the bill. Currently, the film is officially set for October 15, 2021.

Morbius It can be delayed up to two years. The film about Michael Morbius by Jared Leto was previously scheduled for release on July 10, 2020 and has already been released on July 31, 2020, March 19, 2021 and October 8, 2021.

What possible changes will have consequences Spider-Man: There’s no way home Of course it’s not clear yet, but don’t be surprised if this movie finally comes out in mid-2022.

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