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LUMC Doctors Hold Live Consultations About Colorectal Cancer Via Social Media

LUMC Doctors Hold Live Consultations About Colorectal Cancer Via Social Media

Everyone between the ages of 55 and 75 has a population screening exam every two years for early colorectal cancer. ANP . image archive

Marietta Croft


Surgeon Quinn Peters and LUMC gastroenterologist and hepatologist J├╝rgen Bonstra will answer questions about colorectal cancer on Tuesday, March 22 at 12:00 PM. This is done in the hour of a live consultation on Facebook and Instagram.

In this International Bowel Cancer Month, doctors want to draw attention to bowel cancer. Since the introduction of population screening in 2014, early forms of colorectal cancer have been increasingly detected.

Colon surgery remains an important part of colon cancer treatment. The disadvantages of bowel surgery are that recovery, especially in elderly and frail patients, takes a lot of time. Sometimes complications arise, such as leakage of the new intestinal junction. In this case, patients will have to undergo another surgery and may have a stoma.

Therefore, LUMC checks with a European network, and if so, when can you determine if the operation is really necessary. Sometimes radiation and chemotherapy are enough to get rid of the cancer. New technologies enable an MDL doctor to identify and eliminate early forms of colorectal cancer more often than before.

You can participate in the live counseling hours by following LUMC on Facebook or Instagram.

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