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'I love the space here more than anything else.  life is Beautiful

‘I love the space here more than anything else. life is Beautiful

VLISSINGEN – Helge Prinsen shoots one of her fellow citizens in the “I Vlissingen” section every week. Through her short portraits, she wants to put the famous and lesser known Vlissingers in the spotlight, thus painting a beautiful picture of the city in which she was born and raised.

Ad Theune (62). He is married and has 3 children. He was born in Flushing. The captain on the western ferry Scheldt. He started 41 years ago as a sailor on PSD boats. He’s been rocking back and forth ever since.

“They sometimes ask: Don’t you ever get tired of it? No, it’s actually a challenge. One of the world’s busiest waterways. It’s always a mystery how we’re going to cross.”

“Safety and equipment of course have been greatly improved. In the PSD it was still really sailing. Especially princess boats. Sealing and swinging. Now it’s more of a sailing salon.”

“The Olau line always entered the Songa buoy at 6:25 pm. Then connected it well to the water spiral from Breskens. After that the big ass to Vlissingen. Experience.”

“I grew up in Bloemenbuurt. Old family life. At noon at home through the fire breaks for a hot meal. You can smell the meat and potatoes everywhere.”

“I often look at old pictures of Vlissingen. And then when I drive down a street, I imagine some things are still there. I am a man of history, so to speak.”

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“I like the space here the most. Nice living. That’s what you think after a vacation: We don’t really have to leave here. You take a bike and all around you are free.