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Maan breaks up with a touching poem for dad on Pinkpop's last day |  festive summer

Maan breaks up with a touching poem for dad on Pinkpop’s last day | festive summer

festivalsPassion at the start of the third day of the Dutch Pinkpop Festival, which many Belgians also attend every year. Singer Maen cries for her audience and breaks herself during a poem by her father, who is in the audience.

There will be no more tropical heat on Sunday when “Ma’an”, metaphorically speaking, warms the hearts of her audience on the main stage. The 25-year-old singer had a party with guest Snelle on “Keep Sleeping,” singing “No is no” with bandmate Benti, but makes more of an impression with a couple of emotional renditions.

It was so calm in the stadium when she sings the delicate “She’s Crying, But Laughing,” which many spectators can’t keep. A little earlier, Maan himself went for the ax. She just remembered that today was Father’s Day and started saying “You’re love,” stopping right away and putting a hand to her face. Emotions overwhelm her for a moment, after which she honors her father, who is at the front of the visitors. A touching moment that ends with a father embracing his daughter.

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The heat may have dissipated, but it’s fun in Megaland. The sun is shining, the temperature is around 24 degrees and the site is less crowded than Friday and Saturday, both days sold out with 70,000 visitors at the festival. Today it is expected 56000.

Glitter swings and moves in Landgraaf

Glitter swings and moves in Landgraaf © ANP

A4 pages

Some fans are still enjoying Pearl Jam on Sunday. This year’s most popular title – with Metallica approaching – has achieved what you can expect after a swelteringly hot day. Eddie Vader exhausted himself in Dutch texts, which he read from handwritten A4 sheets. Looking back thirty years ago, polluting Dutch seaside resorts, paying tribute to his late friend Søren Finma from an Amsterdam harp shop, he brought on stage photographer Rob van Rijn, the man who watched Vader’s famous jump from the front row in 1992..

Whether it’s historically conscious or not: Pearl Jam played Porch as the last song before debut, just as it did thirty years ago. Vader (57) jumped into the crowd at the time; This time he stopped, the singer looked tired at times during the first European concert of the year. Pearl Jam finally saved the prom highlight. “Alive” may be a cliché in the band’s repertoire. It magically worked at Landgraaf on a Saturday evening. Chorus with tens of thousands of votes at night is exactly what we’ve been missing out on for the past two years.

On the final day, there were still first-half performances by Ziggy Marley, de Stat and Zara Larsson, among others. In the evening it’s time to do acts like Meau, Interpol, Nile Rodgers & Chic, Volbeat, and, as a conclusion, Imagine Dragons.

Water points in Pinkpop deserted on Sunday afternoon.

Water points in Pinkpop deserted on Sunday afternoon. © m

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