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Mac folder Moving Parts: What do you do with it?

Did you recently update macOS? Then, the Moved Items folder might appear on your Mac desktop. Another macOS update was recently done (macOS Big Sur 11.3.2 UpdateThen it is at times like these that we get a lot of questions about it. What do you do with it? For example, can you get rid of this folder?

Mac Movable Items Folder

After upgrading macOS, it suddenly appears: A folder with “Moved Items.” This is a fairly new feature for your Mac that has only been released since its release MacOS Catalina 10.15.2 Existing. Apple itself says the following about this:

When you update your Mac to macOS 10.15 or later, all your files and data are carefully checked to ensure they are valid, permitted, undamaged, and in the correct location.

If some files cannot be moved to their new location, they will end up in the Moved Items folder.

Throw it away or not?

We tested this ourselves on a regular basis and always promptly discarded files. The folder should contain the PDF file with further explanation. This PDF document in the Moved Items folder explains what to do with the files in this folder.

Our advice? Don’t delete the folder immediately, but at least delete the shortcut on the desktop. After all, it only refers you to the ‘/ Users / Shared / Moved parts’ folder – and you are leaving that folder for a while.

Then you use a file Mac As usual. If you think you’ve lost something, you can still find the original Moved Items folder in the place above. And after a month or two you can still remove it.