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The AirTag menu in the "Find My" app appears to have a hidden debugging mode

The AirTag menu in the “Find My” app appears to have a hidden debugging mode

If you have added a bunch of AirTag in the “Find My” app, you can get an insight into Apple’s developer kitchen. Reddit user discovered that you can easily open AirTag debug menu.

Reddit user Alex Magri-Olson accidentally stumbled upon Apple’s AirTag debugging mode, after becoming frustrated with its performance The tracker. He said he was initially unable to contact his AirTag. Once connected, Alex didn’t get a strong signal once the tracker went outside of a radius of 0.8 meters.

How to correct AirTag errors

Out of frustration, Alex clicked on his name four or five times ‘Find’ Interface and suddenly the hidden patch screen popped up.

In debug mode, your iPhone displays AirTags diagnostics, accelerometer, gyroscope coordinates, screen resolution, animation tracking, haptic feedback information, and other general technical information in real time. The window also shows a number of scroll bars. These adjust, among other things, the resolution of the camera and can control points on the screen. To take a look at the debug list for yourself, your iPhone 12 should have iOS 14.5.

AirTags Correction Mode
On the left is the standard “Find My” window, on the right are the debug menus (Photo: Reddit / Alex Magri-Olson)

For the ‘average user’, there’s not much special or helpful discoverable in AirTag debug mode. However, it does give you, as a user, a nice behind-the-scenes look at iPhone calibration when Precise Search is activated.

And so you turn off the debug mode

You won’t find a button to turn debug mode off again. You only need to click on the AirTag name again about four times. Then you will return to the normal screen. Vitality between us has another warning. Do not play with the sliders without closely monitoring the starting position. Once transformed, it remains mobile. There is no recovery option or any other way to revert to default.

5 AirTag Functions Make This Tracker Useful

Although it is a function within the “Find My” app, correction mode is only available with AirTag. The function will not work with other items, such as AirPods.

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The AirTag menu in the “Find My” app appears to have a hidden debugging mode

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