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“Maddy McCann was kidnapped to be sold to a pedophile ring.”

“Maddy McCann was kidnapped to be sold to a pedophile ring.”

Maddie disappeared on May 3, 2007 while on vacation with her parents in Praia da Luz, Portugal. The girl disappeared from the hotel room and was never seen again. Her disappearance remains a mystery to this day, despite the presence of the main suspect: German Christian Bruckner.

His former friend Michael Tatchell, who lived with Bruckner in Praia da Luz and who ended up in prison with him after stealing the diesel, testified in a German court that Bruckner needed the money.

According to him, he kidnapped Madi with the aim of selling the girl to a network of pedophiles in Morocco. Geographically, these countries are not that far apart. The man previously stated that he was certain that Brooker killed Maddie.

Vacation home burglaries

Tatchell told more about Bruckner in court in Braunschweig. “He broke into holiday homes at night, even when tourists were there. He told me he once broke into a bare room where three teenage girls were sleeping,” he said. the sun the man.

One of the girls woke up and started screaming. The girls' father chased Bruckner, who escaped by jumping over the balcony.

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