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Olivier Deschacht and En Payne share exciting news - offside

Olivier Deschacht and En Payne share exciting news – offside

Ine Beyen and Olivier Dechacht have had a turbulent year romantically, if we can believe the “professional” press. The two have been in the spotlight more than they'd like, and they recently surprised themselves with an exciting adventure.

Media storm or adultery?

For Payne, the “storm” began at the end of last year when the weekly Dag Alimal accused her of having an overly intimate affair with fellow commentator Robin van Gucht. The latter is married to former Olympic champion Blanka Vlasic.

Obviously everything continues to slip from the two, after all there has never been any official response, which is also the case with the rumours. The relationship problems with Olivier Destacht were somewhat more real.

An exciting adventure together

The former player was in a relationship with former Miss Belgium candidate Beau Bright, which lasted only six months. Then there was the flirtation with singer Pauline Slangen, something the two more or less admitted to, but which also turned out to be a disappointment.

Meanwhile, Bien and Dechachet embark on an exciting adventure together. They will be seen in the program “Special Forces VIP”, which can be watched on VTM. The former footballer has already been announced as one of the participants, but now Beyen will also undergo many exciting tests.

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