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Madonna 'shocked' during talk show more than herself...

Madonna ‘shocked’ during talk show more than herself…

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Madonna was a guest of American talk show host Jimmy Fallon in her new documentary Madame X to promote, but in the end showed a lot more of himself than expected.

Madonna, 63, was a guest on Thursday’s American talk show The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. She was there to promote her new documentary, Madame X. But Fallon also spoke to her about her long and creative career. “You always do things that other people don’t. You do it first and then people do it without giving you anything in return.” Madonna’s answer: “They don’t do a good job either. It sounds arrogant, but it’s true.”

Madonna went on to say that she has been an inspiration to writer James Baldwin her whole life. A quote that has always stuck with her: Artists are here to disturb the peace. Loosely translated: Artists are there to disturb public order.

And Madonna wanted that to be implemented, too. So she sprawled on Fallon’s desk and then lifted her skirt up again.

Opinions on social media are divided. From “She’s Too Old For This” to “Madonna Is Still Madonna”. Jimmy Fallon herself cried that she should stop, but in the end she laughed so well.


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