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The Twilight Saga Writer Stephanie Meyer Confirms Two New Twilight Books: I Want To Do Something New |  showbiz

The Twilight Saga Writer Stephanie Meyer Confirms Two New Twilight Books: I Want To Do Something New | showbiz

literatureGood news for Twilight fans. Stephanie Meyer, 47, the writer behind the two popular Twilight books, confirms that she is currently working on two more versions. So while the last part of the series has not been on the shelves for long.

Twilight books are world-famous thanks to the adaptations of “The Twilight Saga,” starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Last year, the much-anticipated Midnight Sun series hit bookstores, which told the story of Edward and Bella from Edward’s perspective. But the author now assures that this won’t be the last time Twilight fans will be able to travel to the famous Forks, Washington in their minds. To write a vogue fig.

new world

According to USA Today, Stephanie Meyer is working on two additional “Twilight” novels. “I’ve already mapped out both books and written a chapter of the next book in the meantime, so I know it’s there. I’m not ready to write everything right now, but I know I want to do something new this time.”

Stephanie admitted that she needs some time away from the fantasy world of Forex first. “For me, a lot of the pleasure of writing comes from being able to create things and I really want to create a new world now, with new rules and new myths. Myths are kind of a thing to me.”

Stephanie won’t say if the two new novels will pick up where “Midnight Sun” left off. The author had previously stated that she did not support this idea. “This is where Edward stops. Writing from his point of view makes me more anxious. Therefore, the experience of writing this book has not been very enjoyable for me,” she told The New York Times. “I think this book describes what it means to be Edward enough that if you read in the other books you can already imagine what’s going through his head.”

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