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Make your switch completely retro with new controllers

At least, new old consoles you can now get on the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is a fun new way to play. It can be used as a mobile device, but also with “elements of joy” that you can separate as a set of consoles. This is how Nintendo continues to differentiate its consoles from one another.

Old consoles for your adapter

Now you can converts Make it even more retro with a bunch of new consoles released by Nintendo. These are exclusive to Switch Online users who will be able to enjoy special Sega Genesis games next month, including a slew of N64 games. To make it more realistic, old consoles are released specifically for these users for these games. Nintendo announced it today Twitter.

One of these controllers is of course the “regular” N64 controller. The other is the Sega Mega Drive console, that simple device. Both controllers for your switch are made more modern, for example with the option of wireless connectivity. The Mega Drive controller has also been slightly updated, with additional buttons to slightly improve functionality.


The latter is unfortunately exclusive to Japan. The rest of the switch consoles can be ordered in more regions. The Mega Drive console can also be exported.

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