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Redesigned iPhone 14, no more compact

Redesigned iPhone 14, no more compact

iPhone 14 Max is coming instead

No more mini, but extra max

Gurman has a profile Weekly Bulletin, which publishes the latest bad news. This time around, it’s looking at the iPhone 14, claiming that a “complete redesign” of the iPhone 14 is on the way. The changes this year are less exciting, according to Gurman, because Apple engineers are working behind the scenes on bigger things that need more time. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously claimed that An apple In 2022, the mini model will be discontinued and a “perforated design” will come. This camera hole can already be seen in a few Iphone-Created on the basis of rumors. Also rumored, Jon Prosser claims a punch-hole design is in the way and says he’s seen photos of the iPhone 14 Pro Max without a notch. Oddly enough, these iPhone 14 models still show a flat model with flat sides, which makes it difficult to speak of a ‘complete redesign’.

With smartphones for the coming year, Apple would like to focus on the ‘iPhone 14 Max’, a larger entry-level model. The 2022 lineup will then look like this:

  • iPhone 14 . standard
  • iPhone 14 Max
  • two iPhone Pro-Models

It is still not clear whether that Connection ID Scroll under the screen. An apple According to Kuo, it will work on it, but whether it will work with the 2022 models is still unclear. It will come anyway in 2023 Iphone And then a foldable design will follow in 2024. Apple has its own plans for this, which should become a reality in a few years. Gurman also believes that the iPhone Fold will be released in 2024.

iPhone 14 is displayed in multiple colors.

from iPhone 13 . series It was just published, but there are already rumors about the caliph on the street. Some renders that should represent the supposed iPhone 14 have already appeared. There is no longer a notch that can be seen and so is the camera bump (which happened this year in iPhone 13The chain is too big) It’s gone. The TrueDepthThe camera can be hidden under the screen so you can barely see it.

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