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Mal Guming and Wendy Harper win the WDF Canterbury Open

Mal Guming and Wendy Harper win the WDF Canterbury Open

In New Zealand, the bronze-ranked Canterbury Open was on the WDF’s agenda last weekend.

Among the men, World No. 3 Ben Robb of New Zealand is always the favorite for the final. However, he lost 3–4 to Australian Jeremy Falk in the quarterfinals of this tournament.

Notably, in the quarter-finals, four New Zealanders were defeated by four Australians, marking the first time in Canterbury Open history that an Australian had beaten a New Zealander.

In the final, two-time World Cup winner Mal Guming took on fellow countryman Michael Gasser. Cumming let his experience do the talking and won another WDF ranking match two years later, defeating Kazar 5-2.

After the New Zealander won two WTF tournaments in New Zealand and Australia in the last two weeks, Wendy Harper looked like the favorite for the ladies.

After losing in the quarterfinals to defending champion Nicole Regnot, it was Harper who stepped into her favored role. Taylor-Marsh faced Kahagi in the final, whom she defeated 5–2. With this, Harper earned his third WDF ranking title in three weeks.

WDF Canterbury Open


Mal Kuming 5-2 Michael Kazar

Michael Cassar 4-1 Jeremy Fogg
Mal Kuming 4-1 Josh Kim

quarter final
Jeremy Fogg 4-3 Ben Rapp
Michael Cassar 4-2 Sam Brown
Josh Kim 4-1 Alan Scaman
Mal Kuming 4-2 Brian Corbett


Wendy Harper 5-2 Taylor-Marsh Kahaki

Wendy Harper 4-3 Shar Maru-Habib
Taylor-Marsh Kahaki 4-1 Desi Mercer

quarter final
Wendy Harper 4-1 Tara Myers
Shar Maru-Habib 4-1 Yolande Regnot
Taylor-Marsh Kahaki 4-3 Nicole Regnot
Desi Mercer 4-1 Mo Veterre

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