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Security supports the Ashiana Pension Home with site maintenance

The Surinamese Ministry of Defense has provided the necessary support to maintain the grounds of the Ashiana Retirement Home. For 3 days, from Monday, March 1 to Wednesday, March 3, the soldiers of the National Base were stationed for maintenance work on the entire site. During a visit to the house resident, Minister Krishna Mathura saw the condition of the place.

This is the reason for this action for the Minister. Through this, the Minister hopes to beautify the environment, especially for those living at home. He thanked the Suriname National Army for its willingness to provide the necessary support.

The Minister encourages the community to take similar action for the benefit of a cleaner environment. Minister Mathura has pointed out that this is not an action, but a structured approach to supporting housing will be observed. The structural approach applies not only to Ashiana, but also to other required systems.

With this, the Minister wants to emphasize his policy where the National Army should work closely with the community and provide support in difficult times. According to Minister Mathura, senior citizens deserve a clean and elegant environment that will brighten their lives.

Rodney Somandas, Executive Deputy Director of Executive Services at Ashiana Retirement Home, welcomes the support of the Secretary of Defense and the National Army. Mainly due to lack of staff, the house was supported with open arms.

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Ashiana offers shelter for people 60 and older who are dependent on someone else for care, but who can stay freely.

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