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Malevolent monkeys kill 250 dogs in India

Malevolent monkeys kill 250 dogs in India

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In a small village in India, a pair of malevolent monkeys prey on dogs. About 250 dogs have already given their lives. Reason: A number of four-legged friends were said to have killed a monkey cub.

GVsource: telegraph

Dogs were picked from the streets across the streets and then raised: onto rooftops or into trees. Unfortunately, not for a tea party or good conversation, but to let the four-legged friends fall for it, according to local media. According to News18, no dog survived an attack. So far there will not be a single dog that can be seen in the whole village.

According to villagers from Lavol – about 360 kilometers east of Mumbai – the feud between the two species has been going on for a month. The local government has been called, but so far in vain: the monkeys will not be caught.

According to News18, the villagers are no longer confident in their lives: children are also allegedly attacked on their way to school.

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