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Mama Spears objects to Jamie's attorney fees: "Too much and inappropriate" |  Famous

Mama Spears objects to Jamie’s attorney fees: “Too much and inappropriate” | Famous

FamousIt’s a bumblebee in the Spears family again. Mama Lyn (65) disputes attorney fees raised by her ex-husband Jimmy (68) in court. “Indecent,” apparently, writes People magazine, which managed to view the document.

Britney Spears has been under the supervision of her father Jimmy since 2008, who makes all of her business and personal decisions. Something the singer would like to get out of. Not necessarily the management disappoint her, but the fact that Jimmy makes the decisions. So Britney would like to appoint Judy Montgomery as permanent officer. At the moment, the court has not yet granted this wish, but the singer can count on the support of her mother Lynn, who was married to Jimmy until 2002.

National broker

Lynn has now filed a document in court challenging the costs being charged by the law firm Holland and Knight – representing Jimmy. The lawyers demanded $ 890,000 (€ 738,455) for four months of work. “Both procedurally and substantively, it is inappropriate,” Lin says. She alleges that the law firm charges fees for services that Britney “dislikes”. By that it means the money that was spent to counter Jimmy’s criticism in the press and divert it to his advantage. Jamie has come under fire, especially after the documentary Framing Britney Spears, because he doesn’t always want the best for his daughter in his decisions.

The document says: “Lynne objects to services related to ‘Media Matters’.” National media tour of Mr. Spears’ advisors. This goes against Britney’s desire for privacy. Life. Britney “Conservatee” is kept under a microscope by the media. The last thing she wants, wants, or takes advantage of is for her manager’s attorney to spend her money promoting herself in the media that whatever happens to Britney will happen to Britney.

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The costs are too high

Lynn also thinks the number of hours given by the attorneys is too high. For example, a company wants to be paid for 628 hours of work, but only 385 hours are previously approved. In addition, the amount requested by the attorneys will be more than 200,000 dollars (165,945 euros) more than the cost of “all other law firms together” for the same work.

That’s why Lynn is now demanding attorneys pay at least $ 224,000 (185858) to Britney, who uses her fortune to pay all costs, including attorney salaries and Jimmy’s wages.

Britney herself doesn’t seem to care much about this fuss. A few days ago, she told Instagram that everything is going well with her. “I am so happy, I have a beautiful home and beautiful children.”

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