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Mourning for the Kelly family: singer Barbara dies at the age of 45 |  Music

Mourning for the Kelly family: singer Barbara dies at the age of 45 | Music

“Our beloved sister Barbie has passed away. We deeply regret and ask for your understanding that we will not be commenting on this for the time being.” The family said on the Facebook page of “The Kelly Family”: “We will miss Barbie endlessly and will always remain in our hearts.” It is not clear why Kelly died.

In 1988, despite the old clothes and hairstyles, the beds were especially popular among young people. In the 1990s, The Kelly Family song with stories, pop songs, pop songs, and pop songs has been on the charts for a long time. Millions of records were sold in Europe. Before the family became known, they traveled in a floating house for years, but years later they moved to Slot Gymnich, which they bought for more than 13 million marks (6.7 million euros).

Father Dan, who died in 2002, has always been an opponent of the consumer society. He was often described in the media as a patriarch, a tyrant, or even a dictator. He didn’t think it was necessary for his children to go to school and he gave them hardly any pocket money. After Dan’s death, the squad disappeared from the radar. The reunion tour in 2017 and 2018, to the surprise of the remaining family members, attracted many fans to the large concert halls.

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