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Man steals monkey from New Zealand zoo for girlfriend’s birthday | Abroad

In April 2018, John Owen made headlines in the New Zealand newspapers by attempting to break into the Wellington Zoo. Entering the bracket became a breeze for him, the romantic passport then jumped over an electric fence so he could escape the bracket with the gift to his girlfriend. However, this did not go according to plan. While jumping, Cosport dropped the monkey, after which he fell eight meters down, broke his leg, lost his teeth, and slammed into the concrete floor, the Daily Mail writes.


The monkey was shocked and managed to escape before the Passport police arrived. His robbery attempt was not long punished. A day later he stumbled upon a shopping trip with his girlfriend who did his best.

This is not the only crime committed by a monkey thief. He was jailed for two years and seven months for zoo robbery and several other violent crimes in the past.

This relationship did not escape robbery and imprisonment. During a show on the New Zealand TV show New Zealand Today, Cosford tried to retrieve his ex-girlfriend through a serenade. Here he also told his story about monkey robbery.

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