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Many uses of lanolin

Many uses of lanolin

Sometimes nature provides the best ingredients. Take lanolin, also known as wool fat, for example. It is used in skin care, but it also has many uses in the agricultural sector.

Lanolin is the base of Prolon brand products. “It is a wonderful and versatile natural product for protection, lubrication and cleaning of materials in mechanical and electrical areas,” says Wim van den Over. “It has advantages, especially in the agricultural sector, because it is not oil-based, but a natural product. You remove rust quickly, among other things, and prevent valuable machinery from rusting.”

Spray cans do not contain propellant gas, but compressed air. These can be used in a HACCP-certified environment.

Wim says Prolan has been used in New Zealand for decades and is a household name in the Scandinavian countries. “Many Dutch people, including farmers, have seen the product in New Zealand, Australia, Iceland, the Baltic states and Scandinavia, and now Prolan is also available in the Benelux.” The Prolon range consists of five products, each with its own viscosity and suitable for multiple applications.

Many applications
The uses are countless, Wim gives several examples: “It can be used to clean and protect equipment such as tractors and milking machines and forklift trucks. But it is also used as a lubricant, cleaning agent, assembly paste or anti-corrosion. Hinges, cables, stainless steel. , Food storage, stalls, vegetable cutters, sorting machines, loading bays, you name it. Prolan works on all surfaces from cast iron, sheet steel and stainless steel to plastic and nylon. Above and below water. It won’t wash off and will repel chemicals and water under high pressure. resistant. It is ideal for use in environments that require formal and frequent cleaning.”

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Prolan is unique with all certifications and approvals, making it ideal for companies that have to deal with audits and/or NATURA2000 guidelines. The product is food safety certified.

Depending on the temperature and fluidity, it can be sprayed, rolled, brushed or rubbed on. “Prolan is applied in layers, so there may be drying time. It varies with viscosity. Generally, the more layers, the longer the effect.”

is safe
Vim claims that Prolan is based on a natural product and does not harm the environment or the user. “Technologists working with Prolan are very satisfied. In addition to excellent lubricating, cleaning and protective properties, the product does not contain toxic substances, and the treated area or place can be accessed neatly and cleanly. Therefore, it is a better chemical alternative. .” It is surprising that ProLan is a wound dressing and insects such as rats and mice do not like ProLan even on pruning wounds in Vim trees. “Furthermore, the effective use of prolan is very limited, so the cost of choosing an environmentally friendly, certified product is also attractive.”

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