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Marco Borsato and Leontine on Vacation Together: "Unforgettable Memories" |  showbiz

Marco Borsato and Leontine on Vacation Together: “Unforgettable Memories” | showbiz

showbizMarco Borsato, 54, and Leontine, 53, have been married again since mid-June, and in the meantime the two are still madly in love. Marco and Leonten are currently vacationing together and it is clear that the Dutch singer has enjoyed that. “Dear Tian, ​​thank you for the wonderful family vacation,” says Instagram.

On Saturday, Marco Borsato posted two holiday photos on his Instagram account. In the pictures, he can always be seen with Leontine and there is no doubt about it: she shines! In the caption accompanying the photos, the Dutch singer also says that the two really enjoyed the family vacation. “We’ve made beautiful, unforgettable and wonderful new memories.”

In mid-June, the Dutch singer said in an interview with Joe that they do not plan to rush anything. “We are still handling the matter with caution,” he said at the time. In the meantime, that caution seems to be completely gone and Marco’s followers are happy that the two have found each other again. In addition, some well-known Dutch names responded in the comments below the photo. Monique Westenberg, ex-Andre Hazes Jr. responded with, among other things: “Very beautiful.” “You shine,” she sounded again at Nicolette Van Damme.

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Marco Borsato has had a very difficult year. In 2020, he deliberately disappeared from view due to exhaustion. Shortly thereafter, it was announced that he had divorced his wife Leontin after a 23-year relationship. Borsato cheated on her with singer and pianist Iris Hund. He explained in a statement that he regrets his mistake and that he hopes one day he will be able to return to his trusted nest with Leontine and the three children: Luca, Senna and Jada.

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