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Marco Borsato wants the Dutch court to investigate ...

Marco Borsato wants the Dutch court to investigate …

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Marco Borsato has for the first time responded to rumors that he abused underage girls, unproven rumors that have been circulating for some time regarding the so-called “juice channelsThe 54-year-old Dutch singer has allowed these stories to continue for a long time, but is now obligated to take legal action: he is asking the Dutch court to investigate the people who spread such stories.

GVSource: De Telegraaf, Algemeen Dagblad

“As early as mid-2020, Mr. Marco Borsato asked Advocaten NV Knoops to investigate a number of insinuations relating to the allegation that he exhibited sexually aggressive behavior with underage girls,” Borsato’s lawyers wrote on Thursday. Press release.

They point to the stories that the singer allegedly abused girls aged 13 to 15, including during a barbecue organized by the man at home for the candidates he accompanied on the talent show The Voice Kids, or so the story goes. Such allegations have been circulating for months on the so-called “juice channels‘, channels on YouTube, Whatsapp or other social media where the largest range is given to the wildest stories. To our knowledge, these allegations are unfounded: according to Dutch media, there is no knowledge of an ongoing police report or investigation.

out of the spotlight

This gossip also gained greater resonance because Borsato has been trying to keep himself out of the spotlight for so long. A planned duet was canceled, a tour was cancelled, as was the recording of a trailer for a good reason. Furthermore, he no longer appears on The Voice Kids. Borsato’s lawyers explained his silence on the case “so far, he has seen no reason to respond publicly to this gossip.”

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“However, in light of persistent allegations and mounting attacks by the press on his personal integrity and reputation, the office acting on behalf of Mr. Borsato has recently contacted the Public Prosecution Service to request an independent and independent investigation into the source of insinuations with criminal consequences, if necessary.” “The investigation requested by the Public Prosecution Office awaits Mr. Borsato. There are no further announcements at this time.”