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Margo's mother suffers from dementia: My mother is no longer my mother

Margo’s mother suffers from dementia: My mother is no longer my mother

Nearly seven years ago, things started to stand out regarding Anki’s behavior. “Things are getting weird. My daughter suddenly said “Grandma, you still have to eat beans!” , but she did not see the beans. Then we thought something was wrong. Then she was diagnosed,” Margot said.

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excessive illusions

Ron explains that it was very difficult when you were a kid for your mother to live like this. “She doesn’t know who I am, she doesn’t know where I live, and she doesn’t know who my partner is. For example, if I had children, she wouldn’t even know she had children, let alone grandchildren.”

Symptoms of Lewy body dementia vary from person to person, but hallucinations and delusions are often part of this. “The worst are those extreme fantasies. Sometimes there are times when her legs are cut and she feels and experiences it. Margo explains that she sees the most terrible things that we don’t.”

“My mother is no longer my mother. That woman is completely gone. This change that she is not anymore, this is awful. And that things are only going to get worse.”

watch patiently

Son Ron explains that he also feels powerless. “You don’t want someone to go through such terrible things, but at the same time you know there is nothing you can do about it. Totally at the mercy of the vicissitudes of disease. You can patiently watch someone being slowly taken away,” he says.

“hI hope the period when my mother still has it, she has some good days. And with all her good intentions, it won’t be long.”

Watch a segment from Anneke, Margo, and Ron below.

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