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Mark Marie Hoegbregts attacked in Amsterdam

Mark Marie Hoegbregts attacked in Amsterdam

Mark Marie Hoygbrijts was riding a bicycle on the Herengracht road in Amsterdam and tried to overtake a slow-moving car. When the driver suddenly turned around on his way, he rang his bell to inform the driver in question of his presence. Then a woman was said to have gone out, at which point she began cursing and punching him hard in the face.

“I think a shot or something,” Huijbregts said. “But she was an old woman, so it was hard for me to slap her in the back. But these people were really crazy.” He explained that it wasn’t an anti-gay attack, but rather an attack on the road: “Of course, people eventually shouted ‘dirty gay’, but the couple attacked me not because I was gay, but because of my bike bell.”

He has already informed the police. In addition, he is also looking for a witness who witnessed the incident happening: “Will the beautiful girl who was there when I was attacked in Herengracht this morning please come forward? Thank you,” he wrote on Twitter.

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