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No Men, But Women in the Awaited Sequel to the Superhero Movie 'Chronicle' (2012)

No Men, But Women in the Awaited Sequel to the Superhero Movie ‘Chronicle’ (2012)

do you remember Chronicle distance? In this 2012 superhero thriller hybrid film Finding Shots, a pair of teens gain telekinetic powers to take back bullies. There has been talk of a sequel for years, but it never became concrete. Now it looks like Part Two is coming anyway and there’s a big change in the way.

It seems that the main characters this time will be women. Producer John Davies said the following about it:

“The sequel gives us the opportunity to tell the story in a different way. We chose to do it from a female perspective. The young women had just graduated, and then they got these powers. A completely new and interesting story.”

date 2 It happens ten years after the first movie, so the focus will be on other things after all that time, according to Davies:

“Ten years after the events in Seattle, the focus will be on how we deal with fake news, real news, and cover-ups. And most interestingly, the next generation will have these corrupting forces and what they are going to do with them.”

Chronicle Jobs fired. In 2012 Dan DeHaan in a Michael B. The film grossed over $126 million worldwide on a budget of $12 million. Below you will find a trailer:

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