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Marvel Studios' Loki: Is it worth watching?

Marvel Studios’ Loki: Is it worth watching?

First social media reaction to the series loki It can be seen. And they paint a clear picture of what we can expect from the new Marvel Studios series on Disney+. This new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe looks pretty good too.

It’s not easy, especially after that WandaVision On The Hawk and the Winter SoldierTwo completely unique series. But if first reactions are any indication, this is the best addition to the Marvel Studios movie universe to date.

first reactions
As usual, we’re taking a look at the reactions that have surfaced on social media towards the series. You can expect reviews next Tuesday, because on that day the ban on publishing actual reviews will end.

Of course, you can also expect an article from us on the most important developments in the series.

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loki after events Avengers: Endgame It shows how the god of mischief, who escaped with the Tesseract, ended up in the bureaucracy TVA (Time Contrast Authority). It gives him a choice: Either you help clean up the schedule, or you are eliminated from existence.

Loki naturally grabs this opportunity with both hands. We’ll be able to see where all this leads every Wednesday for the next six weeks.