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Why is Ethan Hawke still in Marvel's Moon Knight after criticizing superhero movies

Why is Ethan Hawke still in Marvel’s Moon Knight after criticizing superhero movies

Ethan Hawke, known from training day employment boyhood, has been negative about all the superheroes in the past, but it’s funny that it can soon be seen in the Marvel project, the series moon knight. This is what the actor is talking about now.

According to Hawke, it was inevitable that he would one day appear in an MCU or DCEU project: “If you were an actor in the 1950s, you made western movies. Now if you’re an actor, you make superhero movies. This is how things are going today. I’m lucky enough that Moon Knight is a story that people don’t know much about.

For example, Hawke goes on to say that when it comes to famous superheroes, expectations are always higher:When you play Spider-Man or Batman, the audience has high expectations. For example, you also cannot play Hamlet without comparing it to previous versions.

leadership role in moon knight reserved for Oscar Isaac, which Hawke says is very persuasive:Oscar gives an exceptional acting performance. It’s really exciting to work with him on this series. It would be something very special.

A while ago, Hawke talked about his role. He plays a villain, something the actor has rarely done in his long career. Besides the fact that he was inspired for the role by cult leader David Koresh, he can’t say anything about it.

I had to sign a lot of papers. I really can’t say anything about her. Marvel is always very secretive. This is how they build interest. I now understand why the actors enjoy working with Marvel. They are all very friendly, know how to create beautiful worlds and give the actors enough space. It is a beautiful and enjoyable experience.

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