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Marvel's Midnight Suns provide in-depth footage of the 'card battle system'

Marvel’s Midnight Suns provide in-depth footage of the ‘card battle system’

Firaxis and 2K featured nearly 20 minutes of gameplay from Marvel’s Midnight Suns and the visuals revolve almost entirely around combat. The images provide a lot of information about the tactical system that uses eco-attacks and the new card system.

A deep dive into the new gameplay shows many of the elements that appear in the combat system of Mighthnight Suns. Thus, the tactics and special powers of the heroes are combined. Moreover, the images show the environments that can be destroyed and the combat can be modified. Watch the 20-minute video below:

Last week, developer Firaxis revealed that Marvel’s Midgnight Suns use a “card battle system.” This system doesn’t work like games like Hearthstone, but instead abilities are combined into a group and activated in this way. So it’s a lot like Slay the Spire’s light-hearted rogue game.

Unlike Hearthstone, for example, Firaxis has confirmed that there will be no random loot chests in the game. The only thing one can pay for is cosmetics.

There are three different types of ability cards, a “strip” for cards played during a turn, the number of steps a player can still take, a “redraw” option and a list of items. Creative Director Jake Solomon says during the video that the cards don’t really affect the XCOM formula, but add an extra layer to the gameplay.

The deep dive gameplay also features a boss fight between Wolverine and Sabertooth. This part of the images clearly shows how the environments can be used. There are attacks that exploit the environment and have a greater impact than previously suggested.

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While fighting the boss, Wolverine can be seen using everything around her to attack Sabertooth. Think light poles, concrete blocks, and more. Possessing these cards adds extra damage to these types of attacks. Using the images, you can see how the combat works in normal encounters and boss fights.