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Trans-iX participates in

Trans-iX participates in

Trans-iX, an IT services provider focused on mission-critical technology infrastructure environments, has announced the acquisition of a stake in This new collaboration fits with the organization’s goal of supporting innovative concepts and solutions.

Digital Performance Support supports an end-to-end data communication system and with virtual assistants and experts (robots) to get the best out of employees, teams, and the organization. The first joint venture in the education sector is currently being initiated. The new application is fully integrated with MS-office 365 and thus provides users with the assurance of Microsoft and Trans-iX security.

Diederik Wennekes, co-owner of Trans-iX: “As an organization, we always strive to provide optimal support to professionals. This ambition is also evident in the Performance Support team. Performance support support enables organizations to think and act differently. This support and advice is unique because of the combination of humanity and technology Together we strive to bring back the human touch to technology. We use digital tools to support people optimally.”

“In our search for a party that can handle confidential data with a high level of security and with innovative leverage, we contacted Trans-iX. It was a head-to-head match. We strive to protect sensitive data for external and internal relationships as much as possible, and support our customers in this as well. Using Trans-iX Hosting. And seeing it process the data, we succeeded in this endeavor.” Said Roland van Roermond, founder of Performance Support.