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Angèle wordt gezicht nieuwe zomercollectie Chanel

Angèle becomes the face of Chanel’s new summer collection

At the age of twenty-five, singer Angela became the face of the Chanel Coco Beach group of the French fashion house. The Brussels woman has been a luxury brand ambassador for a while, but now she can also add her new summer collection to her list of accomplishments.

It is still remarkable that, as a twenty-five-year-old singer, she was chosen as a muse by one of the oldest and most famous fashion houses in the world. Founded in 1909, Chanel has managed to attract many big names in recent years: supermodels and even world stars. To name a few: Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Kidman and even Lily Allen. And now Angeli too.

Singer Yes or no She previously starred in the eyewear collection from the French fashion house. But now Chanel takes it one step further and is the face of Coco Beach, a discreet beach ensemble consisting of bikinis, swimwear, and sun hats. “The ensemble is polished and at the same time simple and playful,” it says on Instagram. “Vigorous and full of vitality.”

Angèle also feels totally at home in her bikinis and bathing suit. “I really like this collection. It is an ode to the free and calm atmosphere and at the same time exudes the joy of life ”, read the photos on Instagram. She also thanks creative director Virginie Viard and photographer Oliver Hadley Birch for the trust and smooth collaboration.

The Coco Beach collection from Chanel is available at Selected points of sale. On the French fashion house’s website, you can also listen to a playlist, written by Angèle specifically for the campaign.

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