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Meal vouchers are also for food delivered to your home

Meal vouchers are also for food delivered to your home

Home-delivered meals can now be paid for using meal vouchers. At least, for those who order from and have a Sodexo meal voucher card. Both companies are working together for this, they announced yesterday.

The service is available at 1,300 restaurants in Belgium, according to a press release, with more to come. If you order from, you can filter which restaurants accept the service. At the time of payment, users must add a Sodexo meal voucher card one time. Confirmation is via SMS code.

The card can only be used to pay for the food itself, delivery costs are not included and must be paid in a different way.

“Telework has had a huge impact on our eating habits and changed the way we eat lunch,” says Sodexo. “We want to offer our customers simple and flexible options for their meals.”

They announced that the two companies will also begin providing service in other countries during the year, including France. Sodexo also recently signed a deal with Uber Eats in France. In Belgium, you can actually pay for Uber Eats meals using meal coupons from Edenred’s competitor.

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