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Niemand kan Bitcoin (BTC) nog stoppen, zeggen CEO Binance en CEO Ark Invest

Nobody can stop Bitcoin (BTC) anymore, says Binance CEO and CEO Ark Invest.

Although many people are concerned about the way governments and regulators are using it Cryptocurrency Too many people are convinced of one thing: No one can Bitcoin (BTC) Still close.

One of these is Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, the eldest Cryptocurrency exchange In the world. Say during 2021 compatibility, Coindesk Virtual Conference, include:

“I don’t think anyone can shut it down now, because this technology, that concept, is in the minds of 500 million people. You can’t erase that. Cryptocurrencies are just a new tool that can increase freedom of money around the world. I don’t see them competing with regulators and there’s a way.” Through it we can work together. “

Cathy Wood, CEO and founder of Ark Investment, a large investment firm with $ 5 billion in assets under management, described it as impossible at the same conference.

Wood says she remains “very optimistic” about Bitcoin and that it will be “impossible for regulators to shut down”. The CEO also predicts that regulators will “become more friendly” with cryptocurrencies over time. They will be afraid of losing the boat.

Wood further notes that Fear, uncertainty and suspicion (FUD) on Bitcoin’s energy consumption, fueled by Elon Musk, caused the latest meltdown.

Accelerated by ESG [environmental, social and governance] The movement and this idea suggests that there are some real environmental problems in Bitcoin mining, which have been exacerbated by Elon Musk. Many institutional purchases have stopped. Elon may have received some calls from institutions.

It struck me that BlackRock is its third shareholder [Tesla] He and Larry Fink is the CEO. It focuses on ESG and especially on climate change. I am sure BlackRock has registered some complaints and there may be some very largeholders in Europe who are very sensitive about this. ”