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Mechelen koopt voor 850.000 euro groene oase om er buurtpark van te maken

Mechelen buys a green oasis for 850,000 euros to build a nearby park … (Mechelen)

Aldermen Patrick Princen and Koen Anciaux stand in a park adjacent to the interior of the new neighborhood park.
Photo: the city of Mechelen

Mechelen –

The City of Mechelen is developing a new park near Brusselsesteenweg in Mechelen-South. She buys an interior space of more than three thousand square meters for 850 thousand euros that she wants to convert into an adjacent park. It is a green oasis hidden among the houses.

On Monday evening, the city council gave the green light to purchase three plots of land with a total area of ​​3,720 square meters. It concerns the inland area between Dijkstraat, Brusselsesteenweg and Sint-Jan Berchmansstraat which is included in the administrative agreement as “Park Vandewalle”.

The city purchased homes in Dijkstraat 56-58 and 60, along with two garages and an interior space of 3,385 square metres. “We are glad that the heirs accepted the offer, because we make a lot of locals happy. It will be an open park that will provide a little breathing space in the neighborhood,” says Quinn Ansio (Vld-Groen-m+), Alderman Real Estate.

“Great opportunity”

It was enthusiastic locals who encouraged the city to do so. “We took a great opportunity with both hands. Together with them, we are looking at how we can create this park and make it accessible,” says Patrick Prinsen (Vld-Groen-m+), local council member for Nature and Green Development.

Mechelen buys a green oasis for 850,000 euros to turn it into a nearby park حديقة
This aerial image clearly shows the green oasis in the interior.
Photo: Apple Maps

Today the park, like a small forest, is still well hidden. Talks are underway about opening a special access road to facilitate access to the interior. “You wouldn’t say it, but in the middle of the densely populated St. Jan Berchmanswick, a forest of over 33 acres hides with many hundreds of years old trees such as ash, chestnut and beech. It is a green oasis that we absolutely want to protect and open,” explains Prinsen. With a bit of luck, the city could open up the area that is currently still wild in 2022.

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Parking plan 2.0 خطة

The purchase fits with the park plan 2.0 that the city is currently rolling out. With this said, Mechelen primarily wants to create more accessible places to relax and play, but also to prevent existing open spaces from being closed off. Not far from the future neighborhood park, the city also has plans for three parks near the current intersection of Brusselsesteenweg (N1) with Europa, Jubel- and Post Stamp. This is possible due to the space that is freed up by building the shadow.

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The city is looking for a new destination for the two future homes “Park Vandewalle”, a temporary business name. Demolition is out of the question. “We are looking for one or more partners for a potential home interpretation,” says Koen Anciaux. Municipal Council member Mark Hendrix (N-VA) noted that the city gets its purchase budget from that of purchasing De Borght Castle Park in the Nekkerspoel district.

He wondered if the city council was abandoning the project, but according to Anciaux Municipal Council, this is by no means the case. The ships replied: “Negotiations are still ongoing.”