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Mega Mindy Found Mega Toby: Tour Royals Relay L...

Mega Mindy Found Mega Toby: Tour Royals Relay L…

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Mega Mindy found her Mega Toby. After music actress Lotte Stevens, 28, was announced a few months ago as the successor to Free Souffriau, it is now known that model and actor Tuur Roels, 34, is taking the torch from Louis Talpe. “This is now at the top of my resume: being a superhero and catching crooks.”

Desmytere Road

“I’m glad I’m finally known, because I’ve been silent for two months,” Tor Royals says relieved. Finally, he can tell friends who reassured him a few months ago that his experience as Mega Toby “didn’t work out” that he got the role.

Louis Taleb was the former Mega Toby.

Louis Taleb was the former Mega Toby.

His name may not mean anything to you right away, but Royles has experience in the media world. He worked as a model and has already played small roles in such series as “Studio Tarara”. But it also acts as a knowledge appraiser in VUB. Mouth full, right? It’s a tough word for someone who supports research groups to get funding. I do a lot of different things, yeah. My friends don’t even try to explain what I do to others. But now it’s more specific, of course. That’s now at the top of my resume. Subjectivity: Being a Superhero and Picking Up Crooks.”

The sister-in-law convinced him

It was Royals’ sister-in-law who convinced him to take his chance at auditions. “I have a little niece. My sister-in-law said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if I grew up with Mega Toby as an uncle?’” There was something in it. (Laughs). In addition, acting has always attracted me, but I did not dare to go for it. Now I have this opportunity. While testing with Lotte, I actually felt like it clicked, and I thought: I think this could become something. “

Stevens made her official debut as Mega Mindy in Plopsaland de Ban last summer and will soon appear in Sinterklaas’ show at Studio 100. For Roels, the baptism of fire will take place in April next year. He then stars in the new Mega Mindy show. “But I don’t know exactly what it will look like yet. What will the story be, will the other actors keep playing again… I just let it all come to me. I just know I’m really looking forward to it.”

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