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Megan: ‘Our son could not be a prince because of his skin color’

Megan: ‘Our son could not be a prince because of his skin color’

At 2am Dutch time last night, the American channel CBS aired an interview with Oprah Winfrey with the British royal couple.

In the first half of the two-hour interview, Opera was alone with Megan. Then Prince Harry joined in and he immediately told us that his wife was expecting a girl. “We’re grateful, both options would have been better,” Harry said. “But first a boy and now a girl, what more do you want?”

Skin tone archie: ‘catastrophic accusation’

One of the most notable reports came from Meghan during an interview with Oprah. He said there was at least one member of the British royal family who cared about their son Archie’s skin color during pregnancy. “I can’t say who it is because I think it will have a huge impact on the royal family,” Megan said.

The reason why Archie doesn’t officially have a royal title is, according to Megan, related to her skin color. British Royal Family Correspondent BBC It says it is a ‘catastrophic accusation’ against the royal family. “It gradually resembles the deteriorating condition of the palace,” the BBC reported.

Youngest son of Martin Luther King Jr. After Megan’s statement on Twitter, he writes: “The royal family does not seem to be a shield against the catastrophe and despair of racism.”


As expected, Megan made several shocking revelations about her time in the royal family. She was concerned about her mental health, but she could not get help because it would give a bad impression to the outside world. In the end, she said, “there were times when she didn’t want to live anymore.”

She admits she “could not have felt more lonely yet.” One reason for this is that she could not do what she wanted. She had to follow some rules. When asked by Oprah if she was quiet herself or quiet at the time, Megan replied decisively: “I was quiet.”

A bow? Really?

Megan admits that she was innocent when she started dating Prince Harry. “I don’t know what it’s like to be a member of the royal family,” he says. She was surprised that she had to bow during the first meeting with the Queen.

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“I thought Will was a part of the whole fan base, and it really wasn’t,” Megan says. “But obviously I did well. I bowed so deeply in that first meeting that I don’t remember it anymore.”

See Conversation

In the Netherlands, last night’s interview has not yet aired because only the US channel CBS owns the rights. However, it has appeared before Already several pieces. The full interview will be available tomorrow evening on Net 5 from 8.30pm.

Despite all the criticism of the royal family, Megan is positive about the Queen. “The Queen has always been the best for me,” he says. “I loved being with her.” The Queen, according to Megan, is ‘warm and inviting’ and always hospitable.

‘Kate made me cry’

He is less positive about other members of the royal family. For example, her brother-in-law Kate cried when she was getting ready for her wedding (There is no other way).

Megan tells Oprah that she never wanted to reveal the real incident. Prince William’s wife is said to have later apologized and sent her flowers and a note. Megan said she did not want to share further details outside of courtesy on Kate.

Another revelation the couple makes is that they got married three days before the official wedding. The two tied the knot on May 19 three years ago and have been seen around the world. “No one knows this, but in fact we got married in a simple ceremony three days ago. We wanted it to be a moment for both of us.”

Check out the highlights of the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle here:

Disconnect financially

A year ago, Harry and Megan announced a step backwards as senior members of the British royal family. It became clear that the so-called last month Mexit is final.

Both must bid farewell to their co-ordinating titles, because, according to Buckingham Palace, “one cannot fulfill the responsibilities and duties of a life in public service.”

During the interview, Prince Harry talks more about his current relationship with his family. He says his family has cut him off financially. That’s why the pair recently signed deals with Netflix and Spotify.

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‘History is coming back again’

Harry compares the situation he and Megan are in now to the situation of his mother, Princess Diana. “I can’t imagine what it would have been like to go through this alone,” Harry says. “Anyway, there are two of us, which is already an incredibly difficult process.”

Not only did the family say goodbye to Harry financially, but the prince says his father, Prince Charles, stopped answering the phone. “Why doesn’t your father want to talk to you anymore?” Asks Oprah. “Because we took our lives as our own,” Harry says.

“I feel abandoned,” the prince later said. “Because he’s experienced something similar, he needs to know what it is. He knows the pain. Besides, Archie is his grandson.”

‘Cold and miserable’

Harry has a little good relationship with his brother Prince William, he explains. “But we both went in different directions.” The prince says he will always inform the queen of his decisions. “I have a lot of respect for her,” Harry says. They still zoom in on each other.

The BBC’s state correspondent writes again after these reports that the interview ‘could not have been so bad for the royal family’. “Harry portrays his family as cold and miserable, unable to communicate emotionally with each other, and frantic about who is going to pay for what.”

Delightful results

Oprah goes around the conversation with the couple: “Is there a happy ending to your story with the prince?” She asks Meghan. “It does,” Megan admits.

Prince Harry says he was ‘saved’ by Meghan after spending many years in prison in the British royal family. “Thanks for sharing your love story,” says Oprah. According to the presenter, additional pieces of the interview will appear tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the first front pages of British newspapers appear, giving an idea of ​​how the interview feels in the British media: