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Juveniles arrested for allegedly dead Belgium seduced via gay dating site | Now

Belgian police have arrested “a few” suspects in the investigation into the murder of a 42-year-old man who was killed overnight from Friday to Saturday. He writes that at least three of the suspects were minors Last message Monday.

The man was attracted to a park in Beaverton via a fake profile on a gay dating site. Once in the park, it was reported that the person had been beaten and stabbed by at least three people Newspaper Previous.

The body of the man was found by a cyclist around noon on Saturday, after which the park was abandoned for trace evidence. The man also joined Divers Pool in search of the stabbed knife.

The incident shocked the local LGBTI community. “We are bitter and scared,” said Wim Race, a spokeswoman for the Sind-Nicklaus LGBT Association.

Police wanted to go counter on Monday Last message It is not yet confirmed whether there would have been such homosexuality Newspaper Previously written. If homosexuality is really the motive, then the murder of that man is the second most dangerous case of persecution of homosexuals in Belgium. For that reason, in 2012, the then 32-year-old Ihsan Jorfi was killed in the league.

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