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Men's immunity declines faster than women's after Pfizer injections |  science and planet

Men’s immunity declines faster than women’s after Pfizer injections | science and planet

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According to the study, it was found that immunity in both sexes decreased six months after the second shot of the vaccine, but this was more pronounced in men, in people over 65 years of age and in immunocompromised patients. Therefore, women and youth are better protected.

The results showed that the number of antibodies in the vaccinated people dropped sharply up to 80 days after the second dose, but the rate slowed after that. Women had more antibodies than men, both at the time their immunity was highest and at the end of the study.

The study was conducted on 4,868 healthcare workers who were vaccinated in Israel between December 2020 and July 2021. They were tested every month for six months.

Israel was one of the world’s first in the vaccination campaign. But despite the high vaccination coverage, the number of symptomatic infections is on the rise.

The study confirms that vaccines remain effective in preventing serious illness and hospitalization. It appears to be an argument for considering boosted shots for certain target groups.

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