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Merijn Schooleman New Secretary ZLTO Council Zeeland

Merijn Schooleman is Zeeland’s new secretary of the ZLTO Council. He takes charge from Go de Rect. The brand new secretary stands with Boots in the middle of the field, working on keyland spearheads such as growth space, animal management, crop protection, climate adaptation and earning capacity. Go de Rect will continue to be responsible for the Delta Project and the Freshwater Master Project.

Schoolman is a well-known face in the field of agriculture and horticulture in Zealand and knows the challenges and solutions like the back of his hand. Merijn Schooleman: ÔÇťAgriculture and horticulture play an important role in the community in Sealand. It has a unique starting position from craftsmanship, entrepreneurship and activity in the region. Farmers and horticulturists have solutions to social problems. We are working hard for this individually and collectively with members. To make a huge impact on the farm, we are working with agribusiness, governments and community partners.

Department importance
The ZLTO Council is the relatively new face of the ZLTO alliance in Zeland, the youngest secretary of Zeeland. He has extensive expertise and good network in Zeeland. Throughout his life, Marijn Schoolman was increasingly aware of the importance of agriculture and horticulture in Zealand. It can not be taken for granted that it is at the forefront of food production in one of the most fertile deltas in the world that feeds on a large number of mouths. All geelers can be proud. So his ambition is to bring the importance of this sector further and further forward in Sealand.

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ZLTO is an association of more than 13,000 farmers and horticulturists in Zeeland, North Brabant and South Gelderland. We stand for the continuation of agriculture and horticulture and for the future of our members. From more than 125 years of tradition and roots. Farmers and horticulturists play an important role in the community and contribute to solving the social problems of today and tomorrow. ZLTO is at the forefront of creating and realizing perspectives for its members doing business in the green space by contributing to the continuity of agriculture and horticulture. It’s about healthy and safe food, the vitality or energy and climate of the countryside.

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