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The camel walks through Stombwiz

Stompewiz – Last weekend a camel walked the animal ambulance from Stompewig to The Hague Animal Hospital. Camel Einstein walks across the Netherlands with his owner, Tamar Vulcanier. Ninook Vermeer, director of the Animal Hospital Foundation and Ambulance Service The Hague and surroundings, walked in with them.

Fortunately, a 1-year-old male camel named Einstein was taken unharmed. He came to the animal hospital in perfect health and was a guest there for a while.

Tamar Vulcanier (34) is a professional adventurer. 365 days a year, it is commonly found in rough natural areas around the world. She travels with her bicycle, cattle, horse or a deer or camel to the most remote parts of the world. He is currently traveling with the camel Einstein through the Netherlands to promote the book ‘Full Time Adventurer’.

He has cycled a total of 12,000 kilometers in recent years, learned to hunt with eagles while traveling with his horse, camel and dog in Mongolia, walked donkey through Jordan, walked nearly 1000 kilometers in Lapland. Months without food with Acerhock Miriam Lancewood in the most remote part of New Zealand. There he was visited by Flortej Desing.

Well, what else is on your bucket list? Spend a night at the Animal Hospital Definitely Hack! Tamar: “I love animals, and when I don’t stay in the wilderness, I eat a vegetarian diet. In many of my travels, animals have come with me, made the journey possible, and protected me. The bond between humans and animals intrigues me, and it would be so much fun to sleep in such a special place during a trip through the Netherlands. There is a mink in front of my bedroom, next to which is the reptile and waterfall room. “Customer review is automatically translated from Dutch. Is she sleeping well? “Well, if there were wolves next to your tent, you would have no problem reptiles in a room next to you. In addition, the most important thing is that Einstein sleeps comfortably and safely. ”

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Tamar continues, “The animal hospital is owned by pets and farm animals, but ambulances spend more time with wildlife, Director Ninook and volunteers told me. Birds, hedgehogs, foxes, often deer or seals. Yes, even in the most densely populated part of the world, the landscape is clear and cool. ”

Book ‘Full-time Adventurer. After all, the quest for ultimate freedom ‘is now in bookstores and is available digitally.